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DHL Ship Center

International shipping can be tricky - every country has different rules and regulations for shipments from throughout the world. Understanding these codes and standards is critical to ensuring trouble-free and error-free delivery. LJ HUB focuses on international shipping and is DHL's largest DHL Ship Center in the world, delivering to millions of addresses in many countries.

This international courier company delivers a lot of happiness to countries every day. Our best courier delivery connections overseas are between destinations around the world. We have DHL Ship Center specialists who handle one-time individual needs as well as recurring enterprise needs in logistics processing. We are specialists who do not offer cheap international courier services, but courier services that are worth the price because we understand that we not only deliver packages, hopes, needs, and ambitions but sometimes even lives for your loved ones. LJ HUB, your DHL Ship Center company, wants to help you ship your next bundle of packages! Trust us to deliver your goods quickly, safely, and reliably.

Ship International
We have all packaging supplies:
Various Box Sizes, Bubble wrap & Tape


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Available DHL Services: 


DHL Priority International 

DHL Economy International 

Free Returns

Do you have an item to return? 

E-mail us the label and we will print it out for you for free.  

FedEx &UPS Returns Accepted. 

Free Returns
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