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Mailbox Rental


LJ HUB Mailbox Rental Service

Are you someone who is concerned with privacy and security when it comes to mail and packages? Do you need an actual address for business or personal use? Consider LJ Hub’s Mailbox Rental Service. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an avid online marketer, there are many good reasons to rent a mailbox from LJ Hub. Our private rental mailbox gives you an actual address, and the team at LJ Hub is always here during business hours to pick up and sign all deliveries on your behalf. The company accepts packages from all major carriers, such as UPS, FedEx,  and DHL shipping. Then we lock your mail and packages securely in your exclusive box so you can pick them up any time. With secure access, call notification, and optional forwarding or mail and parcel forwarding, you can rest assured that all your mail and package needs are conveniently catered for.

3 MONTHS FREE TRIAL ($12.99 per month)

Unlimited Any Size Mail & Packages

Receive Mail from All Carriers;

FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS & Amazon

Real Street Address with Suite #

Email Notifications when your
 packages are delivered 

Add Family Members For Free! 

Just Bring in 2 IDs to Signup

Two Forms of IDs (One photo ID is required)
Drivers License, Government ID, Home Insurance Policy, Passport, State ID, University ID, Vehicle insurance / registration card, Voter registration card, Alien Registration Card Armed Forces ID 
Certificate of naturalization, Current Deed of Trust, Current Mortgage, 
Credit Cards, Social Security & Birth Certificates are not accepted as IDs.
New IG LJ HUB Mailbox Free 3 Months (1).
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