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UPS Shipping Store

LJ Hub is a one-stop shop for all shipping services, offering customized solutions such as packing and shipping services, mailbox rental services, UPS Shipping Store, FedEx shipping, and more. Whether you're a seasoned supply chain professional looking to break into a new continent, or you're just starting out and looking forward to breaking into a new market, we've got to help. The UPS Shipping Store offers a comprehensive range of shipping services via UPS® and other international carriers. LJ Hub offers a wide range of shipping options, from overnight delivery to ground delivery. We understand the intricacies of international shipping, especially when it comes to customs, regulations, rules, and rates. Let's deal with the details. Located near you, we want to help simplify the international shipping process. Our unique, lightweight business model is at the core of every strategic decision we make. It was highly successful, enabling LJ Hub to quickly adapt to challenging market conditions, implement remote shipping decisions and respond quickly to changing customer preferences.

Ship Domestic & International

We have all packaging supplies:

Various Box Sizes, Bubble wrap & Tape


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Available UPS Services: 


UPS Ground 

UPS Express 

(3-day, 2-day, Overnight) 

UPS International 

Free Returns

Free Returns

Do you have an item to return? 

E-mail us the label and we will print it out for you for free.  

FedEx &UPS Returns Accepted. 

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Shipping Quote
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