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How to Ensure Valuable Assets Survive During Shipping?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

People have transported goods by boat for thousands of years. Much has changed in that time when it comes to FedEx shipping, from the type of vessel used to the time it takes to traverse the various waters.

However, there are also many unchanged aspects of transferring assets from one port to another. On the one hand, the world's oceans and seas are broad and less congested routes for the movement of goods and materials on which many companies rely. Another constant of DHL Ship Center is that waterways are a harsh environment that can wreak havoc on assets that are not adequately protected.

How can you and your FedEx shipping company help ensure your goods reach their port of destination in delivery condition? Here's a quick overview of the best packaging materials, how to protect fragile items, the best ways to ship valuables, and some valuable tips!

  • Use a Properly-Sized Box: Choosing the right box size is very important for the safety of your goods. Make sure your box can support the weight of your item and contains softeners. You may even want to put your things in a double box for added protection. This is how you prevent damage to your articles during FedEx Shipping.

  • Use Padding: Choosing the correct box isn't the only important part of safely packing your fragile item. Cushioning agents such as bubble wrap and peanut wrap can be significant assets to ensure the thing's safety. Be sure to apply several coats if you feel the item is very delicate and needs extra protection. Remember, the more, the more fun.

  • Restrict Product Movement: You should limit the movement of each product to prevent your fragile items from breaking during FedEx Shipping. This step is crucial if you want your item to be resistant to damage. Crumpled newspaper is a simple but effective ingredient for filling gaps in your shipping box. For best results, place about two inches of crumpled paper between the fragile object and the wall of the box.

  • Pack Fragile Items Individually: Pack your fragile items separately to avoid multiple items Banging during FedEx Shipping. Wrapping your things in bubble wrap can be a great way to ensure item safety. Corrugated Inserts can also be used to strengthen packaging containing many fragile items.

  • Don't Forget to Place a Fragile Shipping Label: Make sure your package looks fragile. That way, the DHL Ship Center worker who handled your package will know it's weak. While instructions vary from courier to courier, sticking fragile stickers on all sides of your container is an excellent place to start.

  • Use Shipping Insurance: Adding shipping insurance can be a great way to insure yourself about your fragile items. The choice depends on the value of your FedEx Shipping and how far it will be shipped. If you wish to ship a delicate product immediately, insurance coverage may not be required. However, full coverage is the wisest option if shipping fragile items overseas.


Shipping fragile goods require special love and care. Always protect your interests with suitable packaging materials and be careful when packing them. Without them, you run the risk of damaging your fragile items during FedEx Shipping— and no one wants that.

Like a U-turn on a fully loaded barge, troubleshooting problems that arise as they occur can consume tremendous resources and time. A much better approach is to avoid problems in general by working with a company like LJ HUB, which has a deep understanding of the challenges companies face when using sea transportation and the optimal solutions to those challenges.

A newly established DHL Ship Center or trucking company that is rarely involved in work that requires shipping can tell you they are confident in their ability to manage your shipment successfully. Still, confidence doesn't No Match for Experience.

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